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Which Two Kinds Of Paper Cutter Industry Consist Of Paper Cutting Machines?

- Oct 27, 2018 -

Which two kinds of paper cutter industry consist of paper cutting machines?

The paper cutting machine is composed of paper cutter for domestic use and paper cutter for industrial use. There are many kinds of paper cutter, and the degree of automation varies.

The paper cutter for daily use consists of toilet paper cutter, napkin paper cutter, paper extractor, square paper cutter, disc paper cutter, hand paper cutter and tissue paper cutter. According to different paper products, the corresponding cutting mechanism is different.

The toilet paper cutter means more band saws, which is the band saw cutter used for cutting toilet paper rolls. Band saw cutting machine equipped with automatic grinding knife, movable table board device, according to the length and width required to cut into the required rolled paper products.

Industrial paper cutter has manual paper cutter, electric paper cutter, CNC paper cutter, etc., mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. Suggestions: If you need to find industrial paper cutter, to know the use of products as much as possible, convenient to find the corresponding equipment manufacturers.