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Which Settings Of The Program Control Paper Cutter Ensure Safe Use

- Jul 02, 2018 -

The program controlled paper cutter is a kind of paper cutter. The paper cutter is mainly used for cutting the paper in the later stage. Its appearance has improved production efficiency, reduced labor intensity and safer operation. Then, which settings of the program-controlled paper cutter ensure the safety of the operator?

Introduction of program control paper cutting machine

1. Brake device

At present, in order to save the cost, many manufacturers choose the principle of circuit brake, which is to cut off the power supply of the cutter motor through the upper and lower limit sensors. Once such devices are suddenly cut off and the outlets are loose, there will be extremely dangerous situations such as sliding knives. To avoid such a situation, a motor assembly with mechanical brake should be used. No matter what kind of circuit fault, you can avoid accidents.

2, double button operation

This requires two buttons to press at the same time to make the cutter do not move. This ensures the absolute safety of single person operation.

3, in the actual operation process, it is often necessary for two people to cooperate with each other. This is prone to danger. Therefore, the front and rear safety covers are arranged on the program controlled paper cutter. When the safety hood is turned on, the motor does not move, so as to ensure safety.