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What Are The Advantages Of Computer-controlled Cross Cutting Machines?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Cross-cutting machine due to different transmission control methods, sub-machine cross-cutting machine and computer-controlled cross-cutting machine. The computer cross cutting machine is controlled by the industrial control computer. According to the set length, the cutter shaft is controlled to cut off the cardboard, and the precision transmission of the mechanical part is added. The paper cutting error can be controlled within ±1 mm. The computer-controlled cross cutting machine has a spiral knife cutting machine and a straight knife cutting machine. Spiral knife cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting of thick cardboard, and the smooth cutting, long blade life.

Computer-controlled cross-cutting machine gears are all made of refined steel. Smooth transmission, low noise and long life. The computer-controlled cross cutter blade has an advanced structure. The knife adjustment is convenient, the knife shaft is balanced by the static moment, and the operation is stable. Computer controlled cross cutting machine transmission mechanism uses lubrication pump circulation lubrication. The computer controlled cross cutting machine adopts Taiwan, Germany's new generation computer system, excellent performance, long trouble-free running time, imported blades and domestic blades. Users can choose. Suitable for three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer corrugated board production line.