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Trouble Solving Method Of Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Trouble solving method of hydraulic paper cutting machine

One, the machine has no action:

First, check whether the paper cutting machine has power, when the universal switch switch is opened, the power indicator light on the right side of the switch will be red, indicating that the 220V power supply has been supplied. If you open the universal switch switch, you can't see that the power indicator on the right is red (except for the damage of the indicator light) indicating that the power supply does not enter the machine and check whether the plug connection of the power supply line part is off.

Second, under the light of the light, press the knife button in both hands and can not hear any sound on the relay on the circuit board. At this time, it is necessary to check whether there is any problem on the circuit board connected to the circuit board and the electric coil power supply line. If there is no problem, check the transformer to provide the 10V voltage to the coil if there is any problem.

Two, no knife: there are three main reasons

A, the upper limit switch has some problems. It is limited to burn out or oxidation of switch contacts, resulting in poor circuit or bad contact.

B, button has problems, button contact oxidation, need to change button.

C, circuit board problems, the general circuit board itself will not be a problem, mainly the circuit board and line plug contact is not true, check whether the joint is real, such as contact unplug the plug replug real.

When you press the left and right buttons in your hands, you can hear the sound of the relay ticking and suck. It shows that the circuit board is no problem. At this time, the problem should be judged on the limit switch.

Other failure causes and solutions:

The first kind of malfunction: when you are semi-automatic, do not step on the foot switch and act immediately.

Most of these failures are caused by foot switch damage or short circuit caused by foot switch socket inlet, and the other is manual start button switch problem. The repair method is to replace the new switches, sockets, button switches or dismantling maintenance related damaged parts.

Second kinds of malfunction: when stepping on semi-automatic work, pedal switches slide down, and then rise again after opening.

This phenomenon is usually damaged or broken on the left side switch of the slide seat. The solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch on the switch.

Third kinds of malfunction: when stepping on semi-automatic work, pedaling switch and vertical sliding seat drop, and the printing block does not move after it moves left.

The reason for this failure is that there is no problem in the proximity switch on the left side of the slide seat. The solution is to adjust the close proximity switch of the left close to the switch or the close switch, and the micro switch in the foot switch can cause the failure. The solution is to adjust, repair or replace the new micro switch with the micro switch inside the pedal switch.

Fourth kinds of malfunction: when stepping on semi-automatic work, pedals switch, slide slide downward, then move up, but not right. The occurrence of this phenomenon is the problem that the upper left close switch of the vertical sliding seat has not been induced or close to the switch, and the solution is to adjust the upper proximity switch induction or better close to the switch.

The fifth kind of fault phenomenon: after action switching, the action of rising slowly is half beat. This kind of fault is to control the electromagnetic valve with foreign matter obstruction or solenoid valve malfunction. The solution is to remove the magnetic valve to clean or replace the solenoid valve.

Sixth kinds of fault phenomena: manual and semi-automatic no action, power light. This kind of fault is caused by low voltage side fuse, no gas source entering, and all solenoid valves are faulty. The solution is to change the low-voltage side fuse, check whether the pressure reaches 4-7kg/cm, and all the electromagnetic valve failures are very small.

Seventh kinds of fault phenomena: automatic and semi auto start. This kind of fault occurs when the right proximity switch of the slide seat is faulty or not induced, the switch fault is selected, and the linkage point of the single action switch is damaged. The solution is to adjust proximity switch induction or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selector switch and single action switch.

Eighth kinds of fault phenomenon: automatic can not start, such fault is the upper and lower cylinder microbranch switch often closed, the contact can not guide or timer damage, the solution is to repair the micro switch, or to replace a good timer.

Ninth kind of malfunction: the working surface of the paper cutter is not inhale. This kind of trouble is caused by the suction motor.

Control of motor running contactor damage, suction motor rotation, but control the suction solenoid valve failure, inspiratory selection switch failure, solution to repair or replace.

The tenth kind of malfunction is that the working surface is not aspirated, because the suction solenoid valve is bad or the internal block is damaged. The solution is to replace the repair.

Eleventh kinds of fault phenomenon: the rise speed of the vertical sliding seat is slow. The reason is that th