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Treatment Of Cutting Edge Of Paper Cutter With Paper Cutter

- May 29, 2018 -

For printing factories, the paper cutter is a necessary machine. The paper cutter is used for cutting the paper before printing and after printing. The paper cutter is easy to operate and has no special requirements for the environment. It can work normally as long as the power supply is supplied. When the paper machine is used for a long time, there will be more or less problems, such as no action of paper cutter, abnormal sound, no movement of paper pushing device, etc. Some users have told us that the new blade has been cut off, and the blade has been cracked.

Hydraulic system failure of hydraulic paper cutting machine

Now, Xiaobian gives you a brief analysis of the reason why the paper cutter is bladed.

The choice of blade grinding angle, quality of sharpening and clearance time of blade influence the smoothness and smoothness of the paper cutting edge. The angle of the blade is 19 degrees. If the cutting paper is hard, it is necessary to increase the angle of the blade, to improve the quality of the blade, and to ensure that the coolant is sufficient to avoid the grinding. When the blade is annealed, the cutting edge can be finely worn with oil stone before cutting, and soap and paraffin can be applied to the blade. This can not only improve the sharpness and smoothness of the edge, but also prolong the service life of the blade, and the quality of the finished product is better.

The reason that the actual operation can appear in the case of cutting edge, is because the operator shortens the grinding time, and the coolant is not enough, causes the edge annealing, the width is narrow, the installation must adjust the nut to make the blade cut into the knife strip, if the nut is not adjusted well, the cutting is too deep and will cause the cutting edge.