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Three Slitting Methods For Slitter Blades

- Mar 29, 2018 -

There are three common cutting methods:

1. Trimming: A variety of materials are compounded to form the process edge material. The process edge material reserved by the cutting process is used to obtain the product that meets the process requirements. This kind of slitting method is mostly used for the processing of composite films and other materials.

2, cut the volume: the entire volume of the coil, through the high-speed round knife, the original coil is divided into multi-volume narrow specifications of the coil. This kind of slitting methods are mostly used in adhesive products industry.

3, sub-volume: The large diameter material according to the size of the winding length and the requirements of the winding width specifications, cut into multiple volumes, small diameter material. This kind of slitting method is mostly used in film substrates and flexible packaging color printing industry.