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The Influence Of Cutting Blade On Cutting Quality

- Aug 03, 2018 -

First, the structure and working principle of the paper cutting machine

It has wide use, large cutting size, strong flexibility and high production efficiency. The single side paper cutter is composed of working platform, paper pushing device, paper pressing device, paper cutting blade and cutter pad. The function of the working platform is paper feeding and discharging, the surface of which has the steel ball and air hole arranged at a certain distance, can make the paper pile and the platform form air cushion, reduce the friction resistance between the platform, and make the paper and paper light easy. The left and right wallboard, the paper pushing device and the platform of the paper cutter should be 90 degrees angle to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the paper size cutting. Whether the paper press can compress the paper pile evenly also determines the accuracy of the paper cutting. In general, the greater the pressure of the paper presser, the better the paper will prevent the deformation of the paper from affecting the cutting accuracy. The paper press has screw structure, spring structure and hydraulic structure. The hydraulic structure of the paper press has sufficient pressure and simple adjustment control. Its working principle is that the oil pump puts the oil pressure in the tank to the top of the oil cylinder, pushing the lever to press the paper press, the pressure is adjusted by the overflow valve, and the excess oil goes back to the oil cylinder through the overflow valve.

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Two. The relationship between blade angle and cutting precision

The smaller the blade edge is, the sharper the blade is, the higher the cutting accuracy, the lighter the load of the tool rest, the smaller the machine wear and the smaller the power consumption. But the blade angle is too small to wear and damage, especially when cutting hard and thick paper. Therefore, the suitable blade angle is mostly 22, while the harder material is 24 degrees/22 degrees of double-angle blade, to ensure the cutting accuracy is more advantageous.

Three. The relationship between the cutters and the cutting quality

The cutter pad has the function of protecting the blade and cutting off the bottom paper. Practice has found that the quality of paper cut by the first knife is not always good after the new blade and pad are installed, and the edge of the base paper may not be clean, even part of the paper can be cut continuously. This shows that the pad not only needs flatness, but also has a moderate notch depth of not more than 0.5mm, and the edge of the paper is more straight and neat. As the blade and the knife pad can not be absolutely straight, in order to ensure that the bottom paper is cut off evenly, the paper strips are often padded on the back of the knife pad to achieve the ideal "shearing" effect.

Four. The problems that should be paid attention to using the paper cutting machine

1, in peacetime, we should carry out good lubrication and maintenance of important parts, such as machine guide, screw and linkage paper press, and timely repair, in order to ensure the precision of machine cutting; 2, correct adjustment of the machine to ensure that the paper is cut into right angle. The paper pushing device should not only be 90 degrees to the platform, but also parallel to the cutter. The press should adjust the working pressure according to the soft and hard condition of the paper to prevent the paper from breaking and displacement and ensure the cutting quality.

3, correct use of blades to improve product cutting accuracy. After the rough blade is grinded by the electric sharpener, the "oil stone" and fine abrasive cloth should be used for fine grinding to eliminate burrs. When cutting, it is appropriate to cut dozens of knives with soft paper, such as scrap paper and offset paper, to cut the edge of the blade, eliminate the edge burr and prevent the crack of the direct cutting edge. To sum up, the correct understanding and mastery of paper cutting technology, scientific and rational use of paper cutting machine, not only can reduce or avoid various failures, enhance the service life of the machine, but also improve production efficiency and product quality.