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The Effect Of Cutting Machine Tool On Equipment Must Not Be Ignored

- Jun 12, 2018 -

The sharp effect and the time limit of cutting tools can affect the production efficiency of this paper cutter. The life and effect of the tool depend on the following factors, such as the material of the cutter, the shape and angle of the grinder, the quality of the grinding tool, and the type of the cut material.

The technical performance level of the paper cutting machine and the comparison at home and abroad

Materials for making knives should be made of chrome tungsten and manganese steel with higher hardness. The cutter body can be made of low carbon steel. If the blade is of high quality, it can achieve certain hardness after excessive extraction treatment.

On the shape and angle of the sharpening knife, the blade of the tool will be sharper when the angle of the blade is smaller. Therefore, when the tool material is permitted, the grinding angle should be as small as possible.

The quality of the sharpening knife depends mainly on the technical level of the operator. If the quality of the touch is relatively high, the longer it can be used, the longer it will be.