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The Development Direction Of Slitting Machine

- Mar 29, 2018 -

The development direction of domestically produced slitting machines is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Frame structure: Regardless of whether it is a slitting or two or three slitting, domestic slitting machine manufacturers should invest their energy to study the frame structure, and practically design a more reasonable slitting machine from the perspective of the slitting machine manufacturers. The plagiarism of the slitters produced by the research and design of the individualized slitters enables the slitting of different materials to be more meticulous in structure, and provides the filming companies with favorable weapons in the next round of competition in the international market. Also to find out for their own business Blue Ocean.

2. Automated control: At present, the automation level of slitters produced in China is still at the mid-to-lower level. Although the use of the original devices for domestic control has become very popular and the price is low, the domestic manufacturers of slitters are far away from the depth of use. Lagging behind the level of foreign developed countries, especially in the control system and the structure of the cutting machine, and the lack of organic integration of the cut materials, at this level, the vast majority of domestic cut-off machine still stay in the thick lines There is no further understanding of the tightness and rationality of the slitter control system. Slitter manufacturers in the country should start from the above directions, find a way to meet the cutting machine control and cutting principle, and can maximize the use of good hardware to provide the function of the approach.

3. Manufacturing: This is a common problem faced by China's manufacturing industry. In addition to being reasonable in design, any machinery and equipment requires precision in manufacturing. Chinese manufacturing is lacking in this respect. In addition, the manufacturing process is also In a weak link, in addition to some general-purpose machines, there are also some special equipment for making slitters, such as balancing machines, water cutting machines, etc. Because of the high precision requirements of the slitting machines, Some equipment needs to use CNC machine tools to process parts and components. In particular, it is necessary to popularize the use of machining centers so that the machining accuracy of the equipment that manufactures the slitter can be fundamentally guaranteed.

Before use, check the main components of the full-automatic slitter and inject lubricants. When checking and disassembling the automatic slitter, use of unsuitable tools and unscientific methods of operation are strictly forbidden; every two weeks for the machine For a comprehensive cleaning and inspection; automatic cutting machine if not stopped for a long time, you must wipe all the shiny surface clean, painted with anti-rust oil, cover the plastic cover to cover the machine. If the automatic slitting machine is disabled for more than 3 months, it should be covered with anti-rust oil on the moisture-proof paper; after the work is completed, carefully clean the equipment, and wipe the exposed friction surface clean, add lubricant.