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The Cutting Edge Angle Of The Cutting Machine Is Very Important

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The cutting edge angle of the cutting machine is very important

In the paper industry, the paper cutter is a device for cutting paper into flat paper. As a traditional product, the paper cutter is one of the most important equipment for printing, paper making and other industries. According to the difference of cutting knife, it is divided into a flail cutter and a knife cutter. According to different control methods, it can be divided into automatic paper cutter, program controlled paper cutter, digital display cutter and so on. Different paper cutting machines have different uses, and the price of paper cutter varies.

How should the blade of the paper cutter be replaced

In the process of cutting the paper cutter, the choice of the angle of the cutting edge of the cutter is very important. A good paper cutter needs a good blade and knife grinding process. Many users often neglect the problem of blade when using a paper cutter. If the cutting knife sharpening the method, and the angle is wrong, when cutting the impact will increase, causing the insurance screws loose, or even rupture, resulting in acute injury.