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Safety Instructions For Paper Cutting Machines

- Jun 02, 2018 -

[operating instructions for paper cutting machines] safety instructions for paper cutting machines

Operating rules of paper cutting machine

1. operators must be familiar with the performance and safety points of the paper cutter and operate the paper cutter after passing the examination.

2. before going to work, operators must wear good work clothes, tighten their cuffs, prohibit long hair, slippers, skirts and jewelry handling machines.

3. first check the photoelectric protection switch of the paper cutter is normal and reliable before starting the machine. First try the empty knife three times, observe whether there is a return knife, and find that the switch is not normal.

4. before starting the machine, fill all the lubricating points of the machine with labelled lubricating oil. Attention must be paid to the surrounding environment. Is there any other maintenance work for the machine?

5. check machine operation, centralized lubrication system, emergency stop buttons at all parts, and safety devices are normal.

6. do not place tools and other objects on top of the cutting machine (for example, steel ruler, spanner, screwdriver).

7. when the cutting blade is installed or disassembled, the manual operation should be adopted. When the main motor is completely stopped, the switch can be put to the position of the switch switch, and the change knife is strictly prohibited.

8. when adjusting the depth of the cutter, the paper cutter should be adjusted first. Then, the depth of the rubber strip should be adjusted carefully from shallow to deep.

9. after the blade is blunted, the blade should be replaced immediately, so that it can not be used continuously, so as not to overburden the machine and cause damage to the machine parts.

10. the pressure adjustment of the paper cutter press is not greater than 60kg/cm2. (usually about 45 or so)

11. it is forbidden to put the arm into the knife door after it is connected to the power supply of the paper cutting machine. If there is a fault, it is forbidden to grab the paper by hand, and the machine should be stopped immediately. The cutting knife does not return to the foot and can not reach the paper.

The control part of the paper cutting machine must be checked regularly. The machine is not allowed to have a little bit of knife at any time. It is found that the fault must be stopped immediately and the professional maintenance personnel should be found.

12. in checking, adjusting and repairing the paper cutter, it is necessary to lock the vehicle or close the main power supply as required.

13. it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the safety protection device of the paper cutting machine.

14. do a good job of the daily maintenance of the paper cutting machine.

15. prohibition of alcohol or sick work to operate the paper cutter and strictly prohibit the simultaneous operation of two persons.

Safety operation rules of paper cutting machine

1. Safety brake device

The installation of the brake device is very necessary. The safe use of the paper cutting machine is always the first place, so the brake device of the safe paper cutter must not use the circuit brake device. In the case of power failure, the circuit brake device will cause the phenomenon of sliding tool, which is very dangerous. Therefore, the brake device of the paper cutter should be mechanically and mechanically brakes. The advantage is that the motor is locked after the circuit fault occurs. This can better protect the safety of the operator.

2. Configuration of safety cover

The use of paper cutter is usually done by many people. Therefore, we need to provide a safety cover for the paper cutter to prevent mistakes caused by multiplayer operation and cause casualties. The function of the safety cover is that the motor of the paper cutter will not work when the safety hood is opened.

3, double button manipulation

For the safety button of the paper cutter, when we press a button, the paper cutter will not work. Only when the double buttons are pressed simultaneously, the paper cutter will work. Double button cutter control can better protect the operator's personal safety.

4. The precautions of the maintenance and paper cutting machine

The paper cutter needs regular maintenance. It is a common thing to change the blade for the paper cutter, but changing the blade is also a very dangerous thing. A knife holder is used to change the blade of the paper cutter to ensure that the edge of the blade is closed before it can be operated.

The blades should be stored in a safe place to avoid hurting people.