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Reasonable Selection Of The Lifting Efficiency Of The Hua Yue Paper Cutting Machine

- Jun 19, 2018 -

With the development of science and technology, the paper cutting machine has been progressing all the time. The traditional paper cutting machine was invented in order to work efficiency, and the paper cutting machine equipment developed now is the pursuit of quality. The common point is to be more humanized, including security, reliability, increasing peripheral equipment, using new technology, optimizing cutting technology, and designing industrial modeling and so on.

Reasonable selection of the lifting efficiency of the Hua Yue paper cutting machine

During the use of paper cutter, there will be some problems, such as incorrect cutting accuracy and abnormal movements. Today, let's talk about the reason why the impact of cutting machine is large.

When the paper cutter is used for a long time, it sometimes appears that the impact noise is obviously increased when cutting. Why? There are several reasons for the following:

First, the needle roller bearing in the left threaded rod is damaged.

Two, the two slide blocks of the cutter seat are seriously worn out, and the gap between the slide blocks and the cutter seat chutes is enlarged.

The three is the wear between worm and worm (mainly worm wheel wear).