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Program Control Paper Cutting Machine

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Program control paper cutting machine

It uses the Japanese AC digital servo control system and the 10.4 inch color LCD screen. The data resolution 0.01mm, and the self fault diagnosis function and operation mode display, 100 program groups, more than 10000 different positions, dynamic display cutting and running state, dynamic tracking, the maximum speed of the paper speed 5~18 meters / minutes, more powerful computer operation system, memory, storage, memory storage The storage time can be more than 300 thousand hours, and the operation system can be self maintained. The use of Italy hydraulic components, Germany, Japan, Korea electrical components, Taiwan ball screw, linear guide, electrical appliances configured as programmable controller PLC for all electrical appliances, machinery monitoring, using imported low maintenance bearings.


The A. ball screw rod and linear guide rail make the push paper running smoothly, fast, low noise, accurate positioning, greatly improving the cutting precision and speed, and prolonging the service life of the machine.

The B. workbench is chrome plated and air cushioned. The paper is light and not rusty. The side table (1000*800mm) can be selected.

C. infrared photoelectric protection double handed button protection device.

D. safety protection device for cutter bed, cutting overload protection and automatic return.

The E. hydraulic system adopts imported hydraulic components, and the pressing pressure is adjustable. The paper is pressurized by two times.

F. mechanical auxiliary tool changer makes the tool change convenient, fast and safer.

G. is equipped with optical tool line, making it more convenient to cut.

H. PLC control system.

I. padding cutter top out device.

J. plane two - enveloping worm gear reducer drive.

K. built-in electronic knife lock makes cutting safer and more reliable.

L. multilingual interface

M. performs block programming through graphical operation guidelines.