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Precision Is Very Important To The Paper Cutting Machine

- Jul 02, 2018 -

In the standard operation, the paper cutter mainly includes two aspects: the cutting method and the suitable cutting height. In the present paper processing industry, the operator of the paper cutter will use the simplest and most labor-saving method to complete the cutting task for the use of the equipment, but it does not know that this not only ignores the precision of the material cutting, but also leads to the inaccuracy and rework of the produced product, and it can be said to be an operating mode that is not worth the loss. .

Introduction of related information of program control paper cutting machine

Therefore, for the operation of the paper cutter, the staff should be applied correctly, especially according to the state of the equipment. The cutting height is also very important to the accuracy of the equipment. The larger the cutting height, the greater the error for the top and bottom samples. Therefore, for the right cutting height, it is very important to ensure the cutting accuracy.