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Precautions For Changing The Blade Of A Paper Cutter

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Due to the use of high efficiency plane envelope worm gear reducer, it has no self locking, the main motor stops, the switch cutter chooses the switch to pull the switch position, the transmission has lost the brake, the insurance device has lost the protection, the knife bed has the possibility of falling in the static state, may seriously endanger the safety, therefore in this state Make sure that the knife bed is stopped and can be operated below the blade when adding a wooden pad.

When changing the cutter, first turn off the main motor, wait for about 2 minutes, and confirm that after the transmission belt is completely stopped running, the two wooden knives are placed under the blade, and the switch knife on the switch panel is selected as the switch position "". The knife bed function selection switch must be in the cutting position and the sleeve is rotated. The wheel end nut is taken to remove all the connecting screws on the blade, and then the inner six angle wrench is used to push the cutter to the 4MM, so that the brake device is detached and the blade is rotated on the two wooden cutter, two knife handles are installed, the blade is taken, and the blade is paid attention to prevent the overturning injury. People.

Star weir paper cutter


1, confirm the purpose of the operation, do not press the wrong button or malfunction button.

2. Do not put the arm in the knife bed and the paper press

Cutting knife:

First confirm the main motor start button in the stop state, and confirm that the main motor pulley is in the static state, the blade is worn on the cutter, then the cutter is pushed together with the blade to the blade of the paper press, and the switch (Figure three.5) is placed on the right side to change the knife position. The method rotates the knife hanging device to raise the blade to the highest position, attach the blade to the screw and tighten it, then unscrew the 2 handle on the cutter, remove the cutter and attach the rest of the blade to the screw and tighten it.

The adjustment of cutting knife:

Every time the new blade is installed, or the old blade after grinding, the position of the knife bed should be adjusted manually in order to adjust the cutting volume of the blade and avoid the deep cutting caused by the high height of the new blade. The main motor must be closed when the cutter is adjusted, and the operation can be done after the operation is stopped!

The steps of the adjustment are as follows:

First, determine the cutting machine in the changing state, first stop the main motor, press the main motor stop button, confirm the main motor in the static state, and then switch the switch knife choice switch position in the middle switch position.

To determine the penetration depth of the blade: using a sleeve wrench to rotate the nut on the end of the pulley to make the movement of the knife to the lowest point, and to observe whether the depth of the blade cut into the blade is reasonable (normal cut in 0.5 - 1 mm).

If the knife edge is only contacted with the blade, it can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric shaft behind the main frame.

If the blade is not worn to cut the paper, the blade should move downward along the long hole until the paper can be completely cut off.

The specific adjustment methods are as follows: turn off the main motor and the power switch, turn all the blades together with the screw, put the knife bed in the lowest point by hand, and use the inner six angle wrench to push the tool device about 4MM inward, so that the brake device brake is detached and the blade is rotated to cut the blade.