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Micro Paper Cutting Machine

- May 25, 2018 -

A small office paper cutter, which is relatively complex in structure, consists of a main engine, a worktable, a paper pressing mechanism, a paper pushing mechanism and a cutting mechanism. This kind of paper cutter is mainly used for cutting the paper in order to bind a large number of documents. This paper cutter is widely used in modern digital fast printing, middle and high-grade office, library, state public service organization and small and medium-sized printing.

It is divided into manual cutting machine (pure mechanical structure) and electric paper cutter.

From the driving mode of the paper pressing mechanism, it is also divided into mechanical press paper and hydraulic press paper.

It is divided into the digital display paper cutter and the program control paper cutter from the dimension display mode and the moving position of the paper pushing machine (the steel ruler is embedded on the general table of the pure mechanical structure cutting machine, the control of the paper pushing device and the digital display paper cutter). The main difference between the digital paper cutting machine and the program control paper cutter is that the program control paper cutter can not only improve the efficiency of the paper cutting machine, but also can effectively reduce the labor strength of the operator.

The high end small office paper cutting machine is not only reflected in the stability of the cutting precision and performance, but also has multiple protection in the security, which is embodied in the differential protection of both hands and photoelectric protection.

Features of small office paper cutting machine:

1) the cutting amplitude is generally between 430mm-800mm

2) small, easy to use and do not take up too much space

3) a large number of cuts can be cut.

4) the cutting precision of the cutting object is higher

5) the price ranges from several thousand yuan to more than ten thousand yuan according to the size and configuration of the cutting width.