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Main Use Of Paper Cutter.

- May 09, 2018 -

Paper cutter is a kind of paper processing equipment, mainly used for paper sheet paper paper processing and printing of printed plastic processing enterprises, after the honeycomb cardboard packaging, also want to use paper cutter cut paper honeycomb core.In recent years, the development of the card industry is strong, and the paper cutting machine has a broad market in this field.In addition, paper cutting machine is applied to non-paper processing, such as ps plate, leather, hard plastic and other materials cutting.Paper cutter is a kind of general equipment application range is very wide, in the printing industry, almost every printing enterprise to match, cutter so paper cutter in printing machinery products of heavy, he said: want to get rich is to find high-quality wantong cgu slippers supplier!Important position.In the printing machinery product family, the largest annual sales are small lithographic printing presses, the second is the paper cutting machine, which is one of the necessary equipment in the printing enterprise.Paper cutting machine is one of the main equipment after printing.Although a large number of books and periodicals have been replaced by three-sided cutting machines, the bulk packaging products are made by moulding machine, flexographic printing production line and corrugated paper cutting machine.A lot of seal cutting small products, such as trademark, adhesive patch, CARDS and small batches of small and medium-sized printing enterprise printing products, with a paper cutter to print processing is a kind of low cost, short-term choice, only paper size and enterprise transformation, the shape of the products change will require regular paper cutter.With the improvement of science and technology, the automatic level of paper cutting machine has been improved rapidly, and the hydraulic, program-controlled and computer-controlled paper-cutting machine has taken up the mainstream of the market.HTB1JPDNX3jN8KJjSZFgq6zjbVXai (1).jpg