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Main Points Of Daily Maintenance Of Paper Cutting Machine

- May 30, 2018 -

Main points of daily maintenance of paper cutting machine

In order to ensure the quality of paper and insurance, the paper cutter needs to be maintained at ordinary times.

1. choose suitable hydraulic oil according to different seasons. Use No. 20 engine oil in winter to maintain its fluidity; use oil No. 30 in summer to maintain its viscosity.

2. maintain proper hydraulic pressure. If the pressure is too high, the sealing ring will burst; if the pressure is too small, the blade cutting will be slow and weak.

3. apply the talc or paraffin wax to the cutting platform and blade mouth. There are two points in the benefits of doing this.

First, reduce friction resistance between paper and platform, and save labour.

Two) extend the cutting times of the blades, and trim the edges smoothly and neatly.

4. add lube oil. Before working, fill lubricating oil at the mechanical oil filling port, keep the machine lubricated and clean, and make no noise, so that the paper cutter is always in good working condition.