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Large Scale Full Open Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutter

- May 23, 2018 -

Large scale full open hydraulic program control paper cutter

Product introduction

The main configuration of the hydraulic press cutting machine is the standard ISO hydraulic solenoid valve. The maximum cutting margin is 16 centimeters. It is marked with the original 10 inch real color LCD screen in Taiwan. Standard servo motor and driver, low noise, high speed and fast response time. The positioning accuracy is less than 0.05mm. The computer program has a storage capacity of 40000. More than 30 kinds of fault diagnosis function. The maximum speed of paper pushing up to 12m/min. This product quickly improves the cutting efficiency of wide sheet paper, which is precise, simple, quick and firm. It is suitable for printing and printing of large format printing presses such as Heidelberg and Loran. It is also suitable for flat cutting of PVC, honeycomb paper and plastic products with high hardness.

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Paper cutting machine classification:

The paper cutter is divided into two categories: the flail cutter, which is divided into single knife and double knife, and two kinds of cutter. The flail cutter comprises a longitudinal cutting mechanism consisting of an upper knife and a lower knife, and a cross cutting mechanism consisting of a rotary knife and a fixed bottom knife. 6 to 10 paper rolls can be cut and cut at the same time. The flat knife cutter is a lifting knife on the platform, which resizes the flat sheets. Used for cutting large sheet of paper into small size paper. It is a cutting machine with high cutting performance. It is suitable for cutting labels, carbon paper, hardcover books and so on.

cutting machine after sale service:

1, Our product warranty period is 12 months from the factory, the implementation of the "three package" service (refund, replacement, Bao Xiu). In the use of the products, our factory regularly organizes the technology, inspectors to visit, and asks the users feedback on the quality of the product, the status of use, the improvement of opinions and so on, in order to further improve the quality of the products.

2, the user complaints about product quality problems, rapid response, after-sales service personnel in 24-36 hours (48 hours outside the province) rushed to the scene. After service, users are required to fill in the quality feedback form after service and make appraisal opinions, so as to improve the service quality of Dai's machinery. Paper cutter - die-cutting machine - paper mounting machine - Zhejiang Dai Shi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.