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How To Use The Blade Of The Paper Cutter Safely

- May 30, 2018 -

The paper cutter is one of the necessary equipment in printing plant. It is mainly used for cutting paper. Nowadays, mechanized operations are generally used to lighten the labor intensity of workers. The paper cutter is one of the machines. The cutting machine needs to rely on the blade on the paper cutter. It is one of the important parts of the paper cutter. The sharpness and service life of the paper cutting blade greatly affect the efficiency of the paper cutter. When using a paper knife, you should pay attention to safety, so you need to operate safely.

Precautions for using the blade of the paper cutting machine:

1. When selecting the material of the blade, high speed steel should be selected for the blade and low carbon steel should be selected for the cutter body. Why is it so? Because the hardness of the blade determines the durability of the knife, so the strength of the blade is high. It is not easy to break the knife or break the blade and hurt the operator.

2. The angle of the blade grinding is less than or equal to 19-23 degrees. This angle can reduce the pressure of the edges and corners of the paper and avoid the rapid wear of the blade.

3, the blade should be selected according to the type of paper, hard paper, knife passivation fast.