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How Many Kinds Of Paper Can Be Cut By Paper Cutter?

- Nov 04, 2018 -

Paper cutters can cut many kinds of paper in the printing industry. Today, let's look at the paper commonly used in the printing industry. We can divide the paper into industrial paper, packaging paper, daily paper, civilized paper and so on according to the different uses of the paper commonly used in the printing industry. Civilized paper includes writing paper. Art and painting paper, printing paper. In printing paper, according to the function and characteristics of paper, it can be divided into newsprint, relief printing paper, offset coating paper, dictionary paper, map and chart paper, gravure printing paper, picture newspaper, weekly newspaper, white board paper, written paper and so on. Other high quality printed materials are also widely used in art drawing paper.

Paper cutting machine

For example, synthetic paper is made of chemical materials such as olefins and some additives. It has soft texture, strong tensile strength, high water resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, no environmental pollution and good air permeability. It is widely used in high-grade artworks, maps, picture albums and high-grade books. Printing and so on.

The above paper varieties are common paper in printing industry. We can choose different types of paper cutters according to different paper sizes and production scales.