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Future Development Trend Of China's Paper Cutter Industry

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Nowadays, the development of China's paper cutter industry is changing with each passing day. Especially, the domestic paper cutter is similar to the imported paper cutter in technology and performance. The rapid development and wide use of digital display paper cutter is a good example. But we still have a certain distance from the international advanced technology, which requires us to calm our minds, look for the gap, make up for the shortcomings, which is also the future development trend of our paper cutting machine industry.

Digital display cutter industry's future development direction:

1. Domestic digital paper cutter can realize zero-speed static cutting, but it is not stable enough. To ensure that the speed of the paper cutter is more than 40 times/minute, the accuracy of alignment should be within (+0.1 mm), and the pass rate of the paper cutter should be no less than 98% under the condition of stable speed.

2. The high-speed wheel of our domestic digital paper cutter now adopts the worm gear transmission mode which is in balance with the international level, and the configuration is becoming more and more perfect, but the precision must be further guaranteed to reach the level of the imported digital paper cutter.

3. The normal roll-up speed of domestic paper cutter can reach 42 m/min, but the pass rate should not be less than 96% and the mission speed should be 180 m/min, and the pass rate should not be less than 96% and the mission speed should be 180 m/min when the cross-cutting precision can reach 0.15 mm and the die-cutting precision can reach 0.15 mm.

4. Domestic digital paper cutter has a very good cost-effective operation and management, manufacturers can timely install a specific set of paper cutter equipment for users, in terms of price imported paper cutter is three times as domestic, although more and more users choose domestic paper cutter, but the paper cutter industry wants to continue to send Exhibition, but also adhere to the word integrity, further improve pre-sale, sale, after-sales services, to bring the greatest convenience to users.