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Flat Sheet Cutting Machine

- May 26, 2018 -

Flat cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine. It can be widely used for cutting paper, leather, plastic, cardboard and other materials. The paper cutter is mainly composed of main engine (also called Longmen), worktable, paper pushing mechanism, paper pressing mechanism, cutting mechanism and so on. The paper pushing mechanism is used to push the paper position and make the following rules. The paper pressing mechanism will press the paper of the fixed position to ensure that the original positioning accuracy is not damaged during the cutting process. The cutting mechanism is used to cut the paper, the side baffle is used as the side gauge, and the worktable plays a supporting role.

Printing, packaging, bookbinding and other production from the ready to print finished products and binding after the cutting of the hair cutting machine needs to cut, so the paper cutting machine is an important equipment for post processing. Flat cutting machine is widely used in printing, binding, packing, paper processing plants, etc.

Cutting process of flat sheet cutting machine

1) determine the position of the paper clipper according to the size of the paper being cut.

2) make paper that has been rushing close to the front surface and side baffle of paper pushing machine for paper location.

3) the paper press first decreases and compacts the paper, then the knife cuts down again and cuts the paper.

4) after cutting, the cutter first returns from the paper stack, then the paper press rises again.

Factors affecting the safe use of the paper cutting machine

The safety problem of paper cutting machines is a problem easily neglected by many digital printing practitioners. It affects the safe use of paper cutting machines in the following aspects:

1. brake device. In order to save money, many manufacturers use the principle of circuit brakes, that is, through the upper and lower limit sensor cut cutter motor power supply mode brake, this device in the sudden outage, socket loosening, sensor failure and so on, may cause "slipping knife" and other extreme dangerous conditions. In order to prevent this situation from happening, the motor components with mechanical brakes must be adopted so that no matter what circuit fault occurs, the motor is locked to avoid accidents.

2. pairs of button operation principle. This requires two buttons to be pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor will not act, which can ensure the absolute safety of single person operation.

3. in the actual use process, often two people cooperate with the operation, so that the situation becomes very dangerous. This requires the paper cutter to configure the front and rear safety covers. When the safety hood is opened, the motor will not act to ensure safety.

More than 4. are the safety factors that affect the use process, so when the blade is replaced in maintenance and maintenance, the tool holder is used to ensure the blade's edge is closed, not only to ensure the safety of the human, but also to ensure that the blade is not damaged.

5. in addition, the blade must not be shelved at any time to avoid hurting people.


The 1. flat paper cutting machine is divided into an electric cutting machine from the driving mode of the push paper mechanism (only by manual way by the button or the operating mechanism by the control of the motor or mechanical transmission mechanism to realize the positioning of the paper pusher), the program control paper cutter (through the program control system the automatic positioning of the paper pusher, can also be executed. " The positioning mode of the electric paper cutting machine) and an intelligent digital display paper cutting machine between two ways (the automatic positioning by the control system, and then the accurate positioning by manual fine tuning).

2. the program control paper cutter is divided into three steps: stepping motor control, frequency conversion speed control and AC servo control.

The step motor control and variable frequency speed control control can reach 0.1mm for the positioning accuracy of the paper cutter. The speed is up to 8-14 meters per minute. (the precision and speed are different from the control system and the selected electrical components used by the manufacturer), but the step motor control mode starts when the control mode starts. The sound is rather harsh, and it is not favored by many users of paper cutting machine manufacturers and paper cutter.

The AC servo control method has a great breakthrough in quality and quantity of the positioning precision and speed of the paper cutter. The positioning accuracy can reach to + 0.025- + 0.015mm, and the speed of paper pushing can reach 16-20 meters per minute. (the precision and speed of the paper push can be reached by the control system and the selected electrical element used by the manufacturer. There will be a big difference in different parts.

3. from the operation interface of the program-controlled paper cutter (operation mode), it is divided into three buttons, touch-screen, keypad and touch screen dual mode.

The program control paper cutting machine, which is operated by key mode, is first appeared, which is more efficient than the digital display paper cutting machine. It has raised work efficiency for many users, created more wealth and favored by the customers. But after the new technology comes out, the operation can not be compared with the touch screen operation.

The touch screen operation mode can easily realize the functions of equal division, equidistance, circulation size, use of calculator and the input program of calculation results. The operation is simple and intuitive. (key operation mode requires several key combination operations to implement some functions. Many customers can not find the operator because of the replacement of the operator. " On the screen, there is an intuitive display of the state of the detection of the switch on the machine. It provides a great convenience for the troubleshooting of the common failures, and saves the time and money cost for the use of the customer and the manufacturer.

The double mode of key and touch screen can be used in combination to meet the old habits of some operators, and provide an additional input mode, which is relatively improved in durability, but in the condition that the interface and operation menu designed by the tou