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Computer Cutting Machine Introduction And Classification Of The Degree Of Precision

- Mar 29, 2018 -

For those who have not contacted the paper industry, the name of the computer crosscutting machine may not have been heard, but if you are using a computer crosscutting machine or are preparing to step into the paper industry, this article today It must be read.

In some industries, it is necessary to use corrugated board machines to successfully complete a complete set of paper production process, and the crosscutting machine is an important stand-alone machine for corrugated board production lines. Cross cutting machine can provide users with ultra-high precision working mode. Cross cutting machine can be divided into mechanical cross cutting machine and computer controlled cross cutting machine according to the transmission control mode. The computer cross cutting machine is mainly controlled by an industrial control computer. It can control the cutter axis operation according to the preset length to cut the cardboard. The work efficiency and working speed are increased by 10%. In addition to the mechanical part of the computer crosscutting machine, it can be said to have added a precision drive function. The accuracy of cutting off the paper is so high that you can't imagine it, and the error can be controlled within the range of one millimeter and one millimeter. The small atmosphere of the computer cross cutting machine includes a spiral knife cutting machine and a straight knife cutting machine. The computer spiral knife cutting machine can be applied to a fast flow line pattern and a high cardboard thickness, and the paper cutting operation is stable, and the blade life is not Because of the length of work and discount.