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Big Noise Cause Of Paper Cutting Machine

- Jun 26, 2018 -

The paper cutter is a standard matching machinery and equipment for printing factories. It is mainly used to deal with the demand for paper cutting in the early and late stages of printing. The paper cutter is developed from the original mechanical paper cutting machine to the tape control room cutting machine. It also develops to computer program control, color display, visual processing of full image operation guidance and computer aided cutting system for cutting external programming and editing production data, making the paper cutting machine produce shorter preparation time, higher precision and work. The dynamic strength is lower and the operation safety is better.

Big noise cause of paper cutting machine

Now the paper cutting machine is divided into three types, which are divided into manual paper cutting machine, electric paper cutting machine and hydraulic paper cutter. The manual paper cutting machine is the most traditional paper cutting machine, also called cutting knife, it is usually used for simple text cutting, and the electric cutting machine is operated by the pure mechanical structure, and the paper cutting is convenient. The hydraulic paper cutter is the internal structure containing hydraulic oil, and the operation of hydraulic oil is used to control the operation of the cutter, because the electric cutting machine can cut some soft paper, and it is not suitable for the industry of many kinds of material. And the hydraulic paper cutting machine can cut the text of various materials such as paper, leather, paper and so on. The processing speed is fast, so it is widely used in the library and printing and publishing.