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Band Saw Cutter

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Band saw paper cutter is mainly used to cut toilet paper, paper towel and so on in daily work, so we often call it paper towel cutter or toilet paper cutter. However, our cutting range is not limited to toilet paper, but also can be used to cut burnt paper, highland barley, soft plastic, leather and so on, on the basis of paper cutter. The sawn pattern can be cut out to increase the diversity of products. This band saw made by Huaxing has the common advantages of our other products, such as fine workmanship, thick materials, stable operation. The upper saw wheel support of the band saw cutter is thick and stable with metal protective cover. The next wheel is more stable and stable. The pulley uses thickened materials, the bearing shell is formed once, the inner hole and bearing position are processed once in place to ensure concentric with the shaft, so that the next wheel runs stably. In order to use conveniently and quickly, there is also a roll toilet paper slide and platform. The double track sleeve is adopted to make the platform more stable and accurate. However, it can not be used independently, need to cooperate with embossing rewinding punching machine, facial towel machine use, and then according to the required length and width cut into the required coiler, facial towel paper products.