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A Labor-saving Paper Cutter Is A Good Helper For A Worker

- May 31, 2018 -

A labor-saving paper cutter is a good helper for a worker

The rear E of the machine model represents the ordinary type D: representative plus heavy duty.

1. touch screen program control

The host computer of the system adopts imported 8/ 10.4 inch touch screen, which has many languages and USB interfaces, and has self fault diagnosis function. 5000 program groups, each program group has more than 1000 different positions to cut data, and it can be memorizing and storing. The lower machine is controlled by imported PLC. The paper feeding part adopts imported servo motor. The noise is small, the maximum pushing speed is 9---18 M / min, and the positioning accuracy is up to + 0.01mm.

2. nickel plating worktable and side worktable are solid and reliable throughout the life cycle. The material to be cut can be moved smoothly on the worktable. Many jet nozzles can supply air alone, forming the most reliable air cushion.

3. flying double rail direct positioning system, the ideal position of the rear gear makes the cutting position more precise, so that the highest cutting quality can be ensured for a long time.

4. fly in law always provides the most safe paper cutting machine protection.

The 5.TFT LCD screen makes the operation interface of the paper cutter system clear at a glance.

6. the servo drive system combined with the combination of ball screw and double guide four slider can improve the positioning accuracy of paper feeding.

The 7. tool bar ejection device makes the tool changing bar more convenient and safe.

8. the main electrical components are famous brands such as Schneider and OMRON.

The structure of 9. worm gear is compared with that of a common gear cutter. The speed is increa