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What are the most common problems when using a cutting machine?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Every day before we work, we don't want the equipment to malfunction. The failure will not only affect the progress of the work, but it will also bring economic losses. What problems are the cutting machines most used today? The following cutting machine Xiaobian to talk about for you;

First, the transmission gear is prone to damage;

Second, the thin edge of the teeth is easy to fall off, so you need to touch it once every time you use it. The more common carbon steel blades will wear a blade every day.

Third, when the sharpener shifts in the position of the belt, it will cause the grinding to be less than the low end;

Cutting machine

Fourth, the blade plane and the magazine plane, knife back and the back of the magazine form friction, the blade slightly bending deformation friction coefficient is greater. The blade generates a high temperature after being rubbed, and the cloth is sintered when cutting the chemical fiber cloth.

Fifth, in order to increase the coefficient of friction, it will increase the power of the motor. If the power is increased, it will increase the weight. As a result, the final chassis of the turret will sink.