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Inspect the failure method inside the shearer

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Shearing machine is a kind of machine tool, it uses hydraulic drive, reliable safety performance and easy operation. . Shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling fields, smelting foundry industry, cold shearing, pressing flanging of various shapes of steel and various metal materials, and powder products, plastics, glass steel, insulation Material, rubber molding. The shearing machine is divided into different types: metal shearing machine, joint punching shearing machine, hydraulic shearing machine bar shearing machine. The most commonly used metal shears are crocodile shears and gantry shears.

Do you know how to check the cutter for serious leaks?

1. Check whether the touch line of the valve plug and the valve seat is tight: The reason for the lack of close contact is: the position where the dirt sticks to the position where the valve plug and the valve seat are touched; due to the long time of use, the touch line of the valve seat is deeply worn. Groove or pull straight groove groove marks.

2. Check whether the steel ball or the poppet valve is misaligned after reassembly: change the contact position of the valve plug and the valve seat, and the pressure oil is leaked along the wear pit of the original touch switch, and a piece of the inner circumference of the valve touch contact is chipped. Serrated; knock out the valve seat when there is a gap.

Third, the valve core diameter and valve body bore diameter cooperation gap is too large or after use because of the wear gap is too large.

Fourth, open the cleaning, if necessary, change the hydraulic system.

Fifth, cleaning, if necessary, electroplating correction valve core dimensions