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Everyone is keen to use CNC cutting machine

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Why are we all keen to use CNC cutting machine? That's because it has its own magical place. The following cutting machine Xiaobian will talk about it for you.

If you use manual cutting of multi-layer materials, if you use a little bit of control and angle is not good, it will lead to deviation of the trim, resulting in the wrong size of the upper and lower layers; this time if you use the NC cutting machine can vacuum adsorption The device avoids the displacement of the material, and with the help of the intelligent control technology of the computer, the size of the cut piece can be accurately calculated and the whole process of the cutting work can be monitored.

In terms of labor costs can be reduced above, a device can replace multiple employees, not only can reduce costs but also can ease the problem of recruitment difficulties for enterprises; there is to increase production efficiency, in terms of the number of cuts, in vacuum adsorption conditions Under a one-time crop of up to 10 cm thick material, through the computer to optimize the cutting path, can reduce the action of the gap to wait for their own time, speed up to 10 meters per minute, the device in dealing with radian pieces and take the hole The effect is more pronounced than hand-cutting.

The above is the advantage of CNC cutting machine. I hope this article can help you.