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Cutting machine slider mechanism parts maintenance method!

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Is there any habit of daily maintenance when using a cutting machine? Do you know how to maintain the slide mechanism of the device? The following cutting machine Xiaobian to talk about for you;

The device needs to use oil core lubrication, oil core and capillary siphon action. When the oil is sucked into the slider and copper friction surface, it can be continuously supplied; the oil level of the oil cup is mainly based on No.46 machine oil. It is mainly for the change of less oil quantity. Then there is the need to pay attention to the maintenance of the slider and copper between the guide rails, because the fixture is prone to wear when the two are running at high speeds. When the gap between the module and the copper guide rail increases, the noise will follow. Increased, so we must adjust the gap between the two to keep it in good working condition.