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Advantages of Automatic Cutting Machine Did You Know?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

When you understand the advantages of the automatic cutting machine, you will be determined to buy it decisively; What are the advantages so fierce? The following Xiao Bian will talk about you;

1. Silent design of equipment, reducing the noise of working environment;

2. Gather (outdoor) exhaust to reduce dust and improve the production environment;

3. The device is equipped with self-diagnosis function (when attacking, the screen prompts promptly);

4. The device has seven kinds of adsorption strengths to choose from, satisfy different cutting requirements and save electricity;

5. Even if the point of view sent by the fabric is skewed, the control software can actively correct the point of view for cropping;

6. There are four shapes for cutting;

7. Cutting can be no quantitative re-feeding, can do preparatory work while cutting, save time, greatly improve work efficiency;

8. The cutting point can be arbitrarily selected to save the fabric (the fabric can be fully utilized);

9. Knife up and down reciprocating movement, can be satisfied with the cutting of various shapes of lines, especially good at cutting arc;

10. There are five ways to choose between the software control and the processing of fabric hot melt.

11. Bristly flexible, avoiding the knife is not easy to harm, reduce the cost of supplies later;

12. Equipment operation is more humane, operation is simple and convenient;

13. Trimmed parts are actively masked by the film to reduce air leakage and ensure cutting accuracy.

14. Motor-driven drilling, fast speed, drilling should not be blocked, cut operating time, can choose two or three hole drilling equipment;

15. Use two-wheel sharpening tool, grind out the knife edge evenly, ensure the cutting accuracy, and improve the cutting speed;

16. Use a closed vacuum chamber to cut air leakage, reduce energy consumption, completely eliminate the dust generated during cutting, and improve the cutting environment;

17. The cutting scale adopts all adsorption methods to keep the fabrics in a stable state and improve the cutting accuracy. The belt pulleys are used in the synchronization pulleys to reduce conflicts and achieve silence.