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High Speed Reel Paper Cutting Machine

High Speed Reel Paper Cutting Machine

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China Honor Web paper cutting machine is a very powerful device in the web cutting equipment, with smooth operation, easy operation, fast speed, high precision, strong adaptability, high output characteristics.Can also be called roll paper cutting machine, high - speed cutting machine, high - speed cutting machine.In paper, paper trade, printing industry wide application.

High speed reel paper cutting machine

paper machine in the plant


Cutting section:
1. Computer operation interface, easy to operate.
2. High precision special alloy steel knife
3. Cutting accuracy is at 0.5 tolerance allowed

crossing paper machine parts

Paper feeding section:
1. Double limbs oil pressure shaftless paper rack
2. Auto tension control system
3. Auto paper edge guiding system

Electric control section:

1. PLC control system
2. AC servo driving motor
3. High precision encoder
4. High precision cutting.
5. Long endurance

Slitting knife:
1. Three sets of slitting knife
2. Used for trimming and middle slitting

Paper delivering section
1. The number of overlapping sheets can be adjusted by this section.
2. The single sheet outlet can be adjusted.

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Machine color, size, can be customized according to your requirements.

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