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Computer Servo Control Paper Sheet Cutting Machine

Computer Servo Control Paper Sheet Cutting Machine

With reasonably designed anti-curve rack, well ensures the smoothness of paper.
The unwinding is hydraulic lifting, no core clamping, and automatic tension control.

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China Honor Web paper cutting machine is a very powerful device in the web cutting equipment, with smooth operation, easy operation, fast speed, high precision, strong adaptability, high output characteristics.Can also be called roll paper cutting machine, high - speed cutting machine, high - speed cutting machine.In paper, paper trade, printing industry wide application.

HONOR-1400/1700/1900 Computerized Servo Control Rotary Knife Paper Sheeting Machines


1. The control system includes the British TRID motion controller, the United States EMERSON PLC, Taiwan HITECH touch screen and the other components.
2. The computer control system uses the world-class Japan brand YASKAWA servo motor, driver and Japan AC inverter; the key parts use imported famous components.
3. It features of fast cutting speed and stability.
4. Equipped with German precise bearings and cutting knives, high precision, long service life.
5. The touch screen computer control, nice and easy for operation.


Technical specifications

Paper thickness


Cutting accuracy


Max cutting frequency


Max. cutting speed


Cutting length range


Max. roll diameter

(65") 1650mm

Max. cutting width


Pallet stacking height


Overall dimensions




Machine color, size, can be customized according to your requirements.We have more than 15 years experience engineers in paper machinery,We can provide after-sale service and spare parts. You can contact our 24 hours:

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