The factory is located in the center of China - The factory is located in the south of China -Guangzhol.Advanced transportation and advanced processing technology manufacture industry base. Based on the central plains, looking around the world..
It has its own parts processing center, lathe, milling machine, etc., high and mid-range products, meet all kinds of paper demand.
Our Product:
1. paper cutting machine,
2. roll to sheet cutting paper machine,
3. Auto paper sheeter,
4. paper slitter;
5. A4 copy paper cutting machine;
6. A4 copy paper packing machine
It is the paper mill, printing factory, packaging materials factory, paper trade and other paper and reel materials section processing equipment. It is widely used in paper, paper, kraft paper, paper and paper, which is high efficiency, high precision and high stability.
Processing center, lathe, milling machine, welding, spraying, automatic production line.
It is mainly aimed at the market of central and northern China, and is exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world - northern Europe, Middle East, Africa, north and South America etc.
Perfect after-sale system, there are professional engineers at home and abroad. 24-hour service hotline, professional accessories supply.

  • Cutting Machine Cutting Machine

    We are specialized in producing full automatic high speed paper cutting machine, slitting machine, adopting international advanced technology, using well-known brand electrical appliances, simple mac

  • Crossing Cutting Machine Crossing Cutting Machine

    Honor -1400/1700/1900 Servo Control High Speed Paper Sheeting Machine is is good for high required paper converting.Fit for paper roll to sheet cutting into sized paper, with double rotary sheeting kn

  • A4 Paper Production Line A4 Paper Production Line

    Honor -A4 size product line,can cut the paper from big rolls to A4/A3 size ,and packing fully-automatic. AC servo control,the speed can up to 10-50 reams/min,can take 1-8 rolls one machine.High Speed



Hot Products

  • High Speed Servo Rotary Paper Cutting Machine
    High Speed Servo Rotary Paper Cutting Machine
    It adopts advanced technology of British and it is driven by AC servo motors, the high cutting speed reaches 300 cuts /min.1400 /1700 /1900 High Speed Servo Rotary Paper Cutting Machine Product Description This series of Reel Cutter ,cut the paper rolls into paper sheets.
  • Automatic A4 Size Paper Making Machine
    Automatic A4 Size Paper Making Machine
    A4 paper cutting and Wrapping Machine. All the machine is controlled by PLC. Included the following function: speed control, paper count, paper ream output10-50 reams, fault alarm and automatic stop (Indicate fault code shown on the panel screen) D. Prepare items by buyer
  • Industrial Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine
    Industrial Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine
    Paper sheet cutting machine, computer control, easy to operate, can adjust a variety of sizes.
  • Copy Paper Cutting Machine with Double Blades
    Copy Paper Cutting Machine with Double Blades
    HONOR Cutter: Quality, Safety & Ease – No matter how you slice it. It brings together the best paper cutting technology that the world has to offer in an affordable, high-performance package. Combining a finely honed mechanical design and top computer controls, this paper cutter will provide years of quality trouble-free operation.